Eddie would go!

Eddie Aikau surfing big wave

Do you know who is the guy on the cover of our first surfbook? It is not just a random surfer, this man is a big wave legend – Eddie Aikau. A humble, brave and generous man whose life had been an adventure novel by itself. He had been the first lifeguard of the Hawaii North Shore, saving hundreds of lives while risking his own. It seems he just felted like it was his responsibility to keep everybody safe on his beach.

Unbreakable big wave surfer, Eddie was easily recognizable among all other surfers in the Waimea lineup with his striped boardshort and his red gun, always there ready to charge the most giant waves with a big smile on his face. When other surfers hesitated to confront huge waves, someone would say “Eddie would go”. These three words became widely known... three words that perfectly resume his life.

He had, unfortunately, gone too early, dissapeared as he lived, while saving the others’ lives. Eddie Aikau had been lost in the open sea somewhere between Hawaii and Tahiti after a shipwreck. He wanted to save the other 15 members of the crew by paddling more than 10 miles on his longboard till the shore to ask for help. Few hours later the crew had been rescued, but Eddie has never been found...

Our first surfbook is a tribute to Eddie Aikau, to his beautiful soul and incredible life. So we hope the next time when in doubt, you may listen to the surf spirit saying “You should go”.

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