The Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness is a new book aimed at female surfers of all ages and abilities, from beginner to pro.

Illustrated with step-by-step fitness exercises and packed with tips and advice,

the book offers a complete training programme which will increase your fitness, power and endurance for surfing.

Using the latest training techniques, the book covers everything from stretching and flexibility exercises to core strength enhancement and resistance training. Sections on healthy eating, motivation and maintaining fitness are also included, and there's advice about improving balance and flexibility from top yoga and pilates coaches. To keep you energized, there's a selection of healthy and delicious recipes to try out (with quantities given in both US and metric measurements).

The forward is written by Rosy Hodge, Roxy team surfer and World Surf League tour commentator. Other contributors include Lee Stanbury (fitness training), Aimee Stapleforth (yoga), Samantha Bass (nutrition) and Katie Watson (Pilates).

The Surf Girl Fitness Handbook will motivate you to improve your surfing, catch more waves and have more fun.


The essential guide to surfing, this book will take your surfing to the next level.

Surfing isn't an easy sport to learn, so whether you're a complete beginner or a standout ripper at your local break, The Surf Girl Handbook will really help you to improve.

Packed with priceless information, it's an essential reference for any surf girl. The book breaks down key manoeuvres into easy to understand sections with tips on surfing etiquette, motivation, technique, fitness, diet, travel, equipment, and swell prediction. With these surfing tips, you will be able to surf better, for longer.

The Surf Girl Handbook is an inspiring guide full of motivational tips and great advice. It's like having your own personal surf instructor, lifestyle coach and fitness guru all in one book!